Flash Is Still The Worst

Not only is Adobe Flash one of the most cumbersome softwares, it has the worst click target I ever experienced. The »buttons« beneath the timeline, measuring 11 × 11 pixels, are very small in the first place and I did not find any setting to change this. But to make things even worse, when activated, the clickable area is reduced by more than 25%, because the last three pixel rows don’t recognize mouse clicks any more. What the …? When you’re trying to get work done and mouse clicks on often needed buttons simply don’t work, that drives me nuts.

Green: Recognizes mouse clicks
Red: Gives a shit

OS X Automator Workflow: Automatically Rename Files Based On Download Source

My first solution for this problem involved Hazel. Since my colleagues don’t use this precious little tool, I wanted to achieve the same with Automator and Folder Actions. For this to work, I had to include the renaming part into the Applescript.
Screenshot: OS X Automator Workflow for renaming files based on their download source
If you’re interested in stuff like this, it should be no big problem to change the script according to your needs. (My version renames images (jpg) dropped on my desktop, that have name beginning with »large«. It changes the name to a string containing the Shutterstock-ID.)

The Applescript part:

on run {input, parameters}
    set newnames to {}
    repeat with singleFile in input
        set realFile to contents of singleFile
        set the_path to POSIX path of singleFile
        set the_itemfroms to "kMDItemWhereFroms" as Unicode text
        set v to (do shell script "mdls -name " & the_itemfroms & space & the_path)

        set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {"/"}
        set the_id to sixth text item of v
        set the_newname to "stock-photo-shutterstock-" & the_id & ".jpg"
        set newnames to newnames & the_newname
        tell application "Finder" to set name of file realFile to the_newname
    end repeat
    return newnames
end run