Say The Same Thing

I’m playing a new iPhone game with some friends, called »Say The Same Thing«. Point is for both players to try to think of the same word as a probable connection between two preceding words. It’s well made and much fun … exept for the darn fullscreen ads, that appear after almost every turn, really annoying. Luckily, for $2,99 you can switch them off. So the ads probably served their purpose, but they should just sell the game for that price instead of this advertising bullshit[1].

  1. This is also the reason why I don’t link to the game or the creators.  ↩

Flash Is Still The Worst

Not only is Adobe Flash one of the most cumbersome softwares, it has the worst click target I ever experienced. The »buttons« beneath the timeline, measuring 11 × 11 pixels, are very small in the first place and I did not find any setting to change this. But to make things even worse, when activated, the clickable area is reduced by more than 25%, because the last three pixel rows don’t recognize mouse clicks any more. What the …? When you’re trying to get work done and mouse clicks on often needed buttons simply don’t work, that drives me nuts.

Green: Recognizes mouse clicks
Red: Gives a shit