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Die Print-Ausgabe der GALORE wird eingestellt. Leider hatten sich um den Kern, die guten Interviews, schon vor geraumer Zeit jede Menge überflüssige Begleitinformationen (Musik-Charts, Filmvorstellungen) angesammelt, die den Charakter des Hefts immer weiter in Richtung Boulevard-Beliebigkeit drängten. [Dies gilt übrigens auch für die Optik des Hefts][2]. Naja, in Zukunft sollen die Interviews offenbar [online][1] veröffentlich werden. (via


Geschehen am 2008-07-23

  • Mettwoch #
  • Thunderbird -> Ponderbird -> Kung Fu Pandabird #
  • seems as if we get pretty good weather tomorrow #turnbeutelreminder #
  • leavin’ for da butcha #
  • It’s me, Sherlock. #
  • Never thought I would write this: Comic Sans to the rescue! #

Geschehen am 2008-07-21

  • Finally fixed my ssh issues, thanks to Peter Gryphon #
  • Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack caused the problem after Apple’s latest security update, but they’ve fixed it already: #
  • IMAP 2 GB quota was fully used. Had to clean up. 1337 MB used afterwards – so, who’s leet now?! #
  • iPhone modded with custom UrT sounds again. »Nice one!« #
  • Let’s have a look at Critter Crunch #
  • Addicted to Critter Crush #
  • Wow, played Critter Crunch for over an hour. Great game! #

Geschehen am 2008-07-20

  • Back from @kalbosn’s party. Tired. But had a funny evening. Thanks to all involved. #
  • Pwnage Tool 2.0 is out!
    Good night! #
  • building an .ipsw file … #
  • @dirk_olbertz that’s why my dad has an iMac *duckandrun* #
  • Seems, that I finally managed to pwn my iPhone with … still not sure … baseband is being flashed #
  • Hello, iPhone! #woot #
  • So long, K610i! #
  • @octavian Hope, you had a good way home and it didn’t take too long. #
  • »repwn« your previously hacked and then mistakenly upgraded too early iPhone with these steps: #
  • Nice: iTunes automatically installs all the apps I already downloaded while my iPhone was semi-bricked #
  • Helpful alternative: #
  • Twitterrific in the iPhone works #
  • I want »Vicinity« for the german app store! #
  • Toffifee is the best candy in the world. #

Geschehen am 2008-07-19

  • Okay, finally had the time to watch an very much like this Dr. Horrible stuff. #
  • Mark this day in the calendar!
    Poolie came to town for a party! #
  • Papaya Bullshit #
  • @poolie the party animal #

Geschehen am 2008-07-18

  • @stil72 maybe … uhm … »worst«? #
  • California alone uses more gas than any country (!) in the world (exept the US): (via boingboing) #
  • Yojimbo for the iPhone, automatically syncing with my desktop version, would be an absolute killer app! #
  • iPhone owners are waiting impatiently; every single one of the last five postings on got more than 1000 comments. #
  • Earl! NOW! RTL! (german) #

Geschehen am 2008-07-17

  • wonders if how many colleagues brought their turnbeutel without being reminded #
  • If I only could make history. #
  • extremely annoyed by iCal’s behaviour #
  • @dirk_olbertz Just use and ExpanDrive. Works pretty fine for me and doesn’t need UPnP, just an open SSH port. #
  • concentration fail #
  • don’t want to put an audio CD into my drive, because the old guy on the cover is smoking a cigarette #
  • collaborating via basecamp writeboard #
  • listening to music of »the smoker« #
  • @lstrojny McTasty is … well … boring. #
  • Let’s try to downgrade this brick. #
  • Ron Burgundy on ARD!!! #