Geschehen am 2008-07-13

  • 'Café am Bauturm' for breakfast. Scrambled eggs and bacon #win #
  • They have a Qype sticker at the entrance, so maybe I will write about the incredible loud machine they use here for ... whatever #
  • Café am Bauturm should rename its breakfast offers to 'Godot 1 - 7' #
  • @curlity had the great idea to go and buy newspapers across the street. #
  • Godot arrived! #
  • the breakfast is worth the wait IF you have something to do e. g. read #
  • @lagerkoller If you want to make ringtones from nearly everything, I recommend WireTap Studio. It's a bit pricey, but great. #
  • @Dreamseer A simple cheap Logitech Optical Mouse works fine for me. Costs about 13 €uro ... #

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