Geschehen am 2008-07-27

  • Cleaning coffee pads; you realize, how much coffee is in just one of these, when it rips and "bleeds out" into the pack #
  • Dizzy from blowing at coffee pads #
  • retweet: guy playing all 235 Rock Band songs in one session and streaming it live. 31 songs to go, his hands hurt: []( #
  • Watching »Burn Notice« which @lancelot quite adequately described as a mix of MacGyver and A-Team #
  • »You've been in the business way too long, when you recognize the sound of a .45 caliber over a phone.« #
  • Is it the A-Team? Is it MacGyver? #
  • It's both. It's »Burn Notice« #
fab1An @fab1An