Geschehen am 2008-10-15

  • Oh, four finger gestures for Exposé #
  • »In fact, to switch between the two cards requires you to log out of your user account and log back in.« #macbookpro #annoying #
  • Comment on »Apple should remove the word "Pro" from the name. (...) There's very little "Pro" about this new notebook.« #right #
  • Bob Griffiths on »While Apple sees only the upside of glossy screens—bright and vivid colors—I see only the negative—myself.« #
  • glossy: []( #
  • Also here with the screen turned on: []( #
  • I totally agree with Rob Griffiths regarding the glossy screens of the new MacBook »Pro«: []( #
  • @octavian Welche netten Kollegen??? #
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