Geschehen am 2009-03-03

  • I have to admit: Nespresso coffee tastes way better than Senseo coffee. If it wasn't for the litter it produces … #
  • Fun needed? Earl to the rescue! #
  • 3 times »Where's Naldo?∑ #
  • in desperate need of something good/funny now. Meanwhile: Cookies. #
  • is pissed because the red team at Eagle Only sucked big time. Left early. #
  • Don't mess with the deputy! []( #
  • upgrading FlickrExport for iPhoto to v3, because it's superior to iPhoto's own export function #
  • READ THIS: []( #
  • regarding last tweet: for next friday that is #
  • I don't know when had a relaunch, but the current search interface is crap. Shows only two movies. #

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