Geschehen am 2009-03-18

  • backing up data #
  • Fake song title of the day: »Papaya con dios« #
  • Does anyone else have the dashboard clock widget show Cupertino time? #
  • I wonder how detailed you can characterize a person based on the Dasboard widgets he uses. #
  • Just realized, that I still have an episode of Chuck, which I didn't watch yet. Time to change that. #
  • Ahh, now it works. »Everything's back to green, Sir. Progressbar moving steadily. ETA 11:24 p.m.« #
  • well, I *tried* to download, but it just doesn't start, dammit. #bento2 #
  • downloading the trial of Bento 2 #
  • »The following takes place between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.« #
  • Oops, twitpic tweets my comments, when I'm logged in. I didn't know that. #

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