Looking For a Mac-Assed App, that lets me quickly drop and arrange elements on a canvas.

What I’m looking for is a real Mac app with these features:

  • opens quickly with a blank canvas
  • lets me drop images (mostly screenshots) onto it
  • resize and crop these images, maybe even rotate
  • quickly draw nice arrows (like Skitch or Shottr)
  • add multiple text elements

Think of a mix of Curio (overkill) and one of the typical screenshot tools, like Shottr or Skitch. All apps that I found are either ported notebook apps from iPad, like Notability and GoodNotes, with non-Mac interfaces, screenshot tools (no blank canvas to start with), or for mind mapping. If I could drop images onto the canvas of Preview.app, it would be good enough, I guess, but well, I can’t. Does such a Mac app exist?

fab1An @fab1An